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    The New Jersey State Parole Board (NJSPB), recognizes that a growing segment of our inmate/parole populations have served in the U.S. Military prior to their entering the Criminal Justice system. In New Jersey approximately 8 percent of parolees have served their country.

    For those individuals, large numbers of this subset of offenders have medical or psychological issues that were identified either at point of discharge from military service and noted in the DD214, or subsequently noted within the documentation provided upon entry into the Criminal Justice system, (PSI from AOC/Probation, or from UMDNJ/DOC).

    The NJSPB seeks to put in place a process in conjunction with the New Jersey Department of Corrections (NJDOC), and our other state, federal and local partner agencies, that will identify all inmates, parolees and probationers that have served in the U.S. Military, and provide many services: See link for brochure list of services.


    bullet_triangle_blueDocs:  Criminal Justice Veterans Initiative Brochure


      Criminal Justice

      Free Legal Help for Veterans

      Volunteer Lawyers for Justice (VLJ) is offering legal assistance for veterans in New Jersey needing help with military records corrections or discharge upgrades.
      To apply for this help, call (973) 645-1955
      Phone hours
      Monday – Thursday: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
      Fridays: 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

      You will be asked questions about your military service and finances to determine if you are eligible for this program.
      VLJ also helps veterans and military personnel with the following legal issues. If you have any of these issues, please ask about our services when you call:
      · Criminal Record Expungement
      · Driver’s License Restoration
      · Child Support Modification

      Veteran Offender Reentry Hotline

      NJ State Parole Parole Board Veterans Initiative
      Lt. Paul McIntyre (Ret.)
      (609) 777-0181

       Veterans Justice Outreach Specialist Contacts for NJ

       Wilmington VA Medical Center Justice Officer (VJO)

      Karen Zogheib
      (302) 994-2511 x 4470

       Philadelphia VA Veterans Justice Officer

      Margaret “Peg” Maynard
      (215) 823-5800 x 6594
      VJO’s handle offenders with pretrial & county jail sentences (sentences less than one year).

      Valerie Johnson, USVA Healthcare Reentry
      (914) 737-4400 x 3739
      Assists veterans incarcerated in NJ state and federal prison facilities (sentences greater than one year).

      Legal assistance for veterans

       Jewish Family Services of Atlantic & Cape May County

      Gretchen Raring, Director
      (609) 822-1108

      Has Justice Involved Veterans Program

      The program will evaluate the veteran offender needs and provide the evaluation to the Court.

       The following legal services group (out of Newark) offers volunteer legal services for veterans throughout the state

      ReLeSe “Volunters for Justice”
      Karen Robinson, Director
      (973) 645-1951 x 111


      24 hour/day seven day/week veteran help line is also able to assist veterans with referrals for justice related matters
      1-866-VETS-NJ-4 or 1-866-838-7654

       Citizen Soldier Law

      Tom Roughneen
      (973) 387-8486

      Operates a law practice specifically representing military service veterans

       Stateside Legal
      Legal help for low-income military members, veterans and their families

       National Veteran Legal Services Program

      Nonprofit organization that has worked since 1980 to ensure that the government delivers to our nation’s 25 million veterans and active duty personnel the benefits to which they are entitled. Volunteer lawyer network is listed, as well as guidance in the process of filing appeals.