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Focus: Provide all necessary assistance to veterans in getting access to and assistance by the Veterans Health Care Administration of the US Department of Veterans Affairs. Assist veterans in applying to the Veterans Benefits Administration of the US Department of Veterans Affairs; Assistance to veterans, widows and families veteran’s educational and healthcare benefits

  • Burial allowances and grave markers
  • DD214
  • Correction/Review of military records
  • Veterans Pension and Survivors Pension benefit programs
  • Cape May County Veterans’ Fare free transportation
  • Free for SSI and SSDI Beneficiaries:
    • We help you update your resume, help you participate in mock interviews, find referrals for clothing and transportation, and overcome employment gaps, work accommodations, criminal background or other barriers.

      America Works of New Jersey, Inc.
      8025 Black Horse Pike
      Suite 470-480
      Atlantic City, NJ 08232


bullet_triangle_blueDocs: Claims Filing Instructions and Facts Sheet
 Quick Facts About Veterans Choice Card
bullet_triangle_blueDocs: VA Veteran’s Option Primer
Docs: What is the Veterans Choice Program?
bullet_triangle_blueDocs: Update on Access to Veteran’s Choice Card
bullet_triangle_blueDocs: Ten Things to Know About Veteran’s Choice Card
bullet_triangle_blueDocs: Northfield HBPC flyer
bullet_triangle_blueDocs: The VA Veterans Pension Program

blue-diamond-bulletWebsite: Cape May County Veterans Bureau
blue-diamond-bulletWebsite: VA Benefits Handbook
mail: texstarstate@aol.com
blue-diamond-bulletTel: 215-687-1531